EMX Adventurers

We could be Redbrands

3 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 8, 1486 DR

party is “wanted” for murder. they wear some Redbrand cloaks and go early in the morning to vist Halia Thornton. startled by the Redbrands at her door she trips a trap crossbow from her shed dealing damage to Kai. he firebolts her shed lighting it on fire. Redbrand’s do that, they light peoples sheds on fire.

they finally convince her they are not redbands, they talk about glasstaff and the manor. they also meet Eldermath the retired adventurer and the boy Carp who shows a secret tunnel he found that goes into the Redbrands Hideout


danlangford danlangford

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