EMX Adventurers

This is our home scrub ... for realz

4 ATTENDEES Anvil, Gerald, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 12, 1486 DR

the zombie waves continue as the party puts their heads together to solve this puzzle. after some controlled tests to confirm the pattern they began systematically selecting zombies to throw into the flames. Teancum attempts to cross a rickety bridge that breaks sending him downward. He attempts a leap away from the ooz but rolls a 1 and falls inside. The ooz starts to suck teancum downward and it goes dark. the zombie hoard prevents the party from getting to teancum to help. teancum takes acid damage and drops to 1 hp. they finally are able to toggle all the magical torches on and the zombie waves stop and the ooz starts to withdraw. Anvil frantically tries to find Teancums body but to no avail. Teancum is no where to be found

on the plus side the hideout was cleared. no more threats seem to be apparent in here.

the party suggested after this fight they would take a long rest. Anvil called glasstaffs bed.

you find a letter amongst all the junk scattered about the place

The situation has gotten much worse: I am unable to locate the Forge of Spells, these halls are much more hostile than I ever anticipated, and Grol is being stubborn with the map and the Dwarf. The Dwarfs brother got too nosey and he had to be terminated thus rendering him useless as a bargaining device. This dire situation is only compounded by the news that the Redbrands no longer function. Make one final terror on the sorry saps and prepare your bugs to move. On my next contact I will either request assistance here finding the Forge or reinforcement at Cragmaw Castle. Vyerith has one final chance before I let my little spiders have their fun with her. You know personally how unpleasant that can be.
We will prevail, I can feel the power of The Forge beckoning me. It won’t be long.
(spider signet here)
P.S. Destroy that goblin liability you keep caged up. Torturing the innocent is a fine art of terror not a recreational past time. Disgraceful.


danlangford danlangford

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