EMX Adventurers

Agatha, we meet again

6 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Jovis, Kai, Milo, Teancum
Flamerule 10, 1486 DR

the party was jumped by 3 hobgoblins. 2 were killed, 1 interrogated. The hobgoblin claimed to be collecting slaves for the Redbrands. They tied up the dead hobgoblins next to the live one high in a tree over the road.

Holt Milo and Kai barter with Agatha. presenting the comb she injured them and accepted the deal. She told all she knows about the location of Bowgentle’s spell book.

the party took time to identify the magical properties of some of their items before heading back on the 2 day journey to Phandalin.


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