Our team has been running through Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure from the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.


Though you are welcome to try out the forums we will mainly use the team hipchat room #DnD


I will probably schedule things in the calendar however look for Outlook invites through our work email.

Adventure Log

I fully hope that all the players feel very comfortable adding to the Adventure Logs. I will probably start a log entry so I can be careful with the naming (it shares namespace with the wiki articles) but please everybody contribute.

Media Library

It is empty now but we may put some supplementary attachments over there.


Please please please organize more information into here. We can avoid pages specifically for a play session or a specific character as those have their own area in this portal.


Here I will place the Player Characters (PCs) and the notable Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Feel free to add information to those pages and link to them from all over the place.


Maps looks awesome. I uploaded high res maps of the areas you have seen and you can add notes and markers. There are a few quarks (they are zoomed in tight to boot and the viewing window is kinda small) but i think there is a lot of potential here

EMX Adventurers

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