Tag: Phandalin


  • Sleeping Giant

    A rundown taphouse in [[Phandalin]]. Known for being a dirty and dangerous watering hole. Operated by the surly female dwarf [[:grista]] and frequented by members of the [[Redbrands]] gang.

  • Townmaster's Hall

    The townmaster's hall in [[Phandalin]] has sturdy stone walls, a pitched wooden roof, and a bell tower at the back. Posted on a board next to the front door is a notice written in Common. It reads: bq). REWARD—Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of amind to …

  • Redbrands

    Thugs working in the [[Phandalin]] area who are being accused of oppressing the locals. Redbrand's wear grimy scarlet cloaks. It has been said that the leader is [[:glasstaff]] Due to the trouble they are apparently causing, [[:halia]] has offered a …