EMX Adventurers

Goblin Arrows

9 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Garath, Holt, Jovis, Milo, Rurick, Teancum, Trogdor, Zed
Flamerule 1, 1486 DR

you depart neverwinter
met Gundren and Agatha

Flamerule 4, 1486 DR

goblin ambush

TODO: fill this out

Cragmaw Hideout pt1

9 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Garath, Holt, Jovis, Milo, Rurick, Teancum, Trogdor, Zed
Flamerule 5, 1486 DR

Holt wake up feeling full, has bits of meat in his teeth. Teancum is no where to be found

TODO: complete this

Cragmaw Hideout pt2

Flamerule 5, 1486 DR

TODO: finish this up

Welcome to Phandalin

TODO: infuse with data
Flamerule 6, 1486 DR Travel from hideout
Flamerule 7, 1486 DR

Encounter with the Redbrand Ruffians

3 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 7, 1486 DR

By way of clarification here in the Sleeping Giant is Anvil, Kai, and Teancum.

big fight with the Redbrands

// TODO you guys in the party should add more details of the experience here if you find it relevant. it will help those that missed playing today to catch up

We could be Redbrands

3 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 8, 1486 DR

party is “wanted” for murder. they wear some Redbrand cloaks and go early in the morning to vist Halia Thornton. startled by the Redbrands at her door she trips a trap crossbow from her shed dealing damage to Kai. he firebolts her shed lighting it on fire. Redbrand’s do that, they light peoples sheds on fire.

they finally convince her they are not redbands, they talk about glasstaff and the manor. they also meet Eldermath the retired adventurer and the boy Carp who shows a secret tunnel he found that goes into the Redbrands Hideout

Redbrand Hideout pt 1

6 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Jovis, Milo, Teancum, Zed
Flamerule 8, 1486 DR

here is a rough idea of what happened. the numbers rolled may be off. feel free to edit for accuracy or anything i missed. copy past from a reddit post i made so i avoided names and what not. again feel free to edit.

the halfling boy shows the party the back entrance to the Redbrands hideout (rm8).
They ignore bargaining attempts from the Nothic instead deal nearly 70 damage before nothic’s first turn. dropping 20s like the are hot potatoes our goliath fighter is cutting him down. im just making up saves. i literally said “give me a dex save to recover from tripping on some bones” … 18.
they told Sister Garaele they would deliver the comb to the banshee today. she warned if they cheated her Tymora would be angry. Tymora can see they are not going to the banshee. whoever is holding the comb gets disadvantage on all rolls. Wizard sends pigeon out to place the comb stuck in a spot high on a pillar 20 feet up where the pigeon could retrieve it at a later time. the pillar has disadvantage.
There are 4 options here and they go to room 7. Perception 21 to spot the secret door leading down to Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek‘s room. Part of the party moves around to what looks like the other side of the room. Using the lightfoot wizards pigeon they can simultaneously barge in from either side. 1… 2… 3… some of the party is in the work shop (room 11), the rest get SURPRISE on Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek (room 12).
Spotting the glass staff leaning on the desk the Human Rogue does acrobatics check 27 to parkour in and out snagging the glass staff. with the Mobile feat and cunning action to dash (even after forcing "difficult terrain " through allies) he ends his turn back in room 7. wanting to interrogate Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek the dwarf fighter goes in for a grapple. Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek nat 20 that strength check. as a reward i allow Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek to react with shocking grasp for 9 dmg.
meanwhile the other part of the party (goliath fighter and lightfoot warlock) run full speed through the workshop to break down the door to Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek’s room. they want to attempt to grapple whomever they see once they get through
Back in the bedroom the lightfoot wizard attempts a charm. This wizard is studying divination and his portent ability allows him to replace a roll with a value rolled at the beginning of the day. So Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek WIS save is roll of 1. He now treats these adventures as friendly acquaintances for an hour. their plan is to interrogate in then murder him within the hour.
Simultaneously the goliath got a 24 check to break down the door and not knowing what is going on he jumps for the grapple. No joke Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek nat 20 strength contest again. He wont be dropped. halfling wizard charmer talks everybody down and they start to chat with Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek.
Conversation moves to the workshop (rm11) and the pirate stealth check 19 to slip back up the stairs to inform the rogue about the charm and where everybody is headed.
on the way out Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek reaches for a missing staff and starts to get confused. pocket check: wallet, keys, phone, no staff. the party is doing such a great job role playing and keeping him busy he hasn’t really asked if anybody has seen where he placed his staff yet. He doesnt really know how many people are involved here.
Idea! Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek rat familiar can go wander around and see the glass staff in the rogues hand in room 7. until the human pirate nat 20 hand axe to the rats face. This has caused the wizard to be concerned and he remembers that he is looking for his staff. he hastily exits the workshop.

Readbrand Hideout pt 2

5 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Kai, Teancum, Zed
Flamerule 8, 1486 DR

Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek was removed from the hideout alive
5 drunk thugs in the common room where charmed and given ale to be quiet
2 bugbears were evaded with the use of a well placed cloud of fog

Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek was delivered to Sildar Hallwinter at the townmasters hall where he was locked in a cell.
at the townmaster’s hall was Harbin Wester as well as a sign suggesting some Orcs needed takin care of.

the party decided to finally deliver this comb to Agatha for Sister Garaele

Flamerule 9, 1486 DR Travel
Flamerule 10, 1486 DR

and on the road come into a skirmish with 3 hobgoblins trying to rob them on the road
Agatha, we meet again

6 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Jovis, Kai, Milo, Teancum
Flamerule 10, 1486 DR

the party was jumped by 3 hobgoblins. 2 were killed, 1 interrogated. The hobgoblin claimed to be collecting slaves for the Redbrands. They tied up the dead hobgoblins next to the live one high in a tree over the road.

Holt Milo and Kai barter with Agatha. presenting the comb she injured them and accepted the deal. She told all she knows about the location of Bowgentle’s spell book.

the party took time to identify the magical properties of some of their items before heading back on the 2 day journey to Phandalin.

Slaves 4 Sale

3 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Kai
Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

On the way back to Phandalin under the tree the Hobgoblins we tied up was a lemonade stand selling slaves. The Redbrands manning the stand revealed how their was change in their organization and they were liquidating some of their excess stock. One asked if the party was part of the Black Network and Anvil went along with the rouse. Apparently Halia Thornton is expecting agents from said network and provided teleportation scrolls to facilitate their speedy arrival.

The party beat up Bob, tied him up, stole the teleportation scroll, beat up Clark, tied him up, lit the lemonade stand on fire, lit the hitching post on fire, removed the slaves from the hitching post, freed them, and escorted them back to Phandalin via the teleportation scrolls. The scrolls dropped them into a supply closet / mud room in the Redbrand Hideout. Kai is now levitating

audio from the session can be found here: D&D-Slaves4Sale.m4a


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