EMX Adventurers

We meet crazy old Maurice

5 ATTENDEES Anvil, Gerald, Holt, Kai, Maurice
Flamerule 13, 1486 DR

we meet Crazy old Maurice
travel to Cragmaw castle
run into 5 hobgoblins
lay a trap and wait to ambush them
we ambush and kill 4 of them.
we interrogate the last guy

we rest and get ready to confront the castle tomorrow

spring cleaning

cleaning up the redbrand hideout
found lots of stuff. weapons, treasures, junk, spell, potions, scrolls

found an interesting letter from the Black Spider

The situation has gotten much worse: I am unable to locate the Forge of Spells, these halls are much more hostile than I ever anticipated, and Grol is being stubborn with the map and the Dwarf. The Dwarfs brother got too nosey and he had to be terminated thus rendering him useless as a bargaining device. This dire situation is only compounded by the news that the Redbrands no longer function. Make one final terror on the sorry saps and prepare your bugs to move. On my next contact I will either request assistance here finding the Forge or reinforcement at Cragmaw Castle. Vyerith has one final chance before I let my little spiders have their fun with her. You know personally how unpleasant that can be.
We will prevail, I can feel the power of The Forge beckoning me. It won’t be long.
P.S. Destroy that goblin liability you keep caged up. Torturing the innocent is a fine art of terror not a recreational past time. Disgraceful.

This is our home scrub ... for realz

4 ATTENDEES Anvil, Gerald, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 12, 1486 DR

the zombie waves continue as the party puts their heads together to solve this puzzle. after some controlled tests to confirm the pattern they began systematically selecting zombies to throw into the flames. Teancum attempts to cross a rickety bridge that breaks sending him downward. He attempts a leap away from the ooz but rolls a 1 and falls inside. The ooz starts to suck teancum downward and it goes dark. the zombie hoard prevents the party from getting to teancum to help. teancum takes acid damage and drops to 1 hp. they finally are able to toggle all the magical torches on and the zombie waves stop and the ooz starts to withdraw. Anvil frantically tries to find Teancums body but to no avail. Teancum is no where to be found

on the plus side the hideout was cleared. no more threats seem to be apparent in here.

the party suggested after this fight they would take a long rest. Anvil called glasstaffs bed.

you find a letter amongst all the junk scattered about the place

The situation has gotten much worse: I am unable to locate the Forge of Spells, these halls are much more hostile than I ever anticipated, and Grol is being stubborn with the map and the Dwarf. The Dwarfs brother got too nosey and he had to be terminated thus rendering him useless as a bargaining device. This dire situation is only compounded by the news that the Redbrands no longer function. Make one final terror on the sorry saps and prepare your bugs to move. On my next contact I will either request assistance here finding the Forge or reinforcement at Cragmaw Castle. Vyerith has one final chance before I let my little spiders have their fun with her. You know personally how unpleasant that can be.
We will prevail, I can feel the power of The Forge beckoning me. It won’t be long.
(spider signet here)
P.S. Destroy that goblin liability you keep caged up. Torturing the innocent is a fine art of terror not a recreational past time. Disgraceful.

This is our home scrub

4 ATTENDEES Anvil, Holt, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 12, 1486 DR

Back to the Redbrand Hideout the party finds all the rooms torn apart and trashed. There is a quick moment where you see a drow wizard in Glasstaffs room and he seems to teleport away in a flash. Back in the large room with the crevasse you find a mad wizard playing with Necromantic magic who seems have started some sort of zombie making machine. Zombies are being cut down left and right while 4 tiles in the room are toggling some flamethrowers. Will the party ever get the machine to stop? or will they grind their way to level 20 in this room?

Halia confronts Anvil

Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

While running errands in town Kai is triangulating the location of the glass staff and Anvil gets a bit distracted hanging out at the smithy. He misses his days over the anvil.

By now Anvil is separated from the group, alone, gaze and thoughts lost in the glowing red of the metal that is being worked. He feels a tap on his shoulder and turns to find, surprisingly, Halia arm stretched out offering Anvil a coin purse.

“I am a fair woman. I offered you a reward to take out Glasstaff and that you did. Here is the 100 gold I offered for the job. Well done and thank you. Great doing business with you.”

She continues in almost a nostalgic kind of way “I just wanted to use the Redbrands for less shameful purposes. Clean up their image and actions a bit. Then those bugbears came out of no where. Redbrands seem to be kind of a lost cause now. Oh well.”

This whole time the smithy continues to work. Not looking up and not missing a beat of his hammer. It’s rhythmic and soothing and you recall your father teaching you the importance of a strong steady pacing in the shop and how it can set the tone for your work throughout the day.

“I have a proposal for you young man” Halia offers “no no not with the Redbrands. They are done. I am part of a larger organization. We offer the best mercenaries money can buy. When a merchant needs an escort for his caravan, when a noble needs bodyguards to protect her holdings, or when a city needs trained soldiers to defend its honor, we provide the best-trained fighting men and women money can buy. You would be a perfect fit in this organization. You truly are one of the best I have seen and you are worth much more than I am sure you are getting with those other novice Adventurers you are traveling with.”

“My faction is more of a large family. Looking out for each other, providing contacts, assistance, resources, security, training, funding for all agents as they take special assignments and missions. Why don’t you think it over and let me know if you are strong enough to be a member of the Zhentarim.” With that she leaves the money and leaves the shop in a very cordial way nodding a greeting to the smithy on the way out. He returns the greeting but doesn’t ever miss a stroke of the hammer unless it is to stoke the fire or cool a piece but even then it stays on beat and in sync. You notice the smithy had been listening intently. a kind of smile is hidden as if to say he had a similar discussion in times past. Halia seemed to talk very openly about her faction in front of the Smithy. You wonder if he accepted when he was offered a spot in this family she spoke of.

recovering the glass staff

4 ATTENDEES: Gerald, Holt, Kai, Teancum
Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

while in town Kai triangulated the location of the glass staff. They discovered Carp and Pip playing baseball with it. On one particularly great hit the glass staff cracked and released a ton of magical energy knocking people down and leaving a crater of sorts in the Aderleaf farm. In response to this ear deafening explosion 2 Bug Bears are spotted running towards the location of the blast from the area of woods near the back entrance of the Redbrand Hideout. Seeing the Bug bears approach allowed the team to prepare their assault casting armor spells and setting up the order of attack. Gerald cirtically hits the first blow an arrow at 150 feet. eldritcht blast lands, cross bow misses. The Bug Bears lose their javelins both landing cleanly inside of Geralds body. Holt puts one to sleep, Teancum charges and action surges dealing massive amount of damage and Kai in bear form finishes off a Bug Bear. Gerald removes a javelin and thrusts it into the sleeping and injured Bug bear to finish him off.

it should be noted that there was an extra arrow fired into the fray presumably by Garath from a nearby treeeline

They find a letter on the Bug Bears signed by the black spider warning them that these adventurers working with Gundren are coming into town.

The staff is attuned by Holt. The crack so far does not seem to be effecting its behavior.

Running Errands

Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

Forest (Anvil): Can we assume we made it out of the hideout and back to town?
Actually that doesn’t really matter…when we get back to town one of the things I want to take care of is a business deal with Barthen the shop owner, Kai’s former boss
We go into Barthen’s and I greet him warmly and make some small talk about how he’s been and how business is going…

Barthen: “Boy am i glad to see you boys… or am i? I am not entirely sure. You all really turned this back woods pancake up side down. Kai, you look to be doing well. Have you heard the entire woodcutters family has gone missing? Biggest problem now is that the Redbrands are still trying to collect their ‘protection tax’ but now we have these bugbears who pop in and just randomly beat the tar out of people. We have no idea whats going on around here. People are starting to move out, or just disappear, not quite sure.”

Forest (Anvil): “Wow, that’s terrible. Sorry to hear it. Perhaps we could do something about these bullies. We will definitely look into it. We have a potential business opportunity to discuss with you if you are interested?”

Barthen: “I imagine most of the prospectors will just stop coming back into town. Too bad too this could have been a nice little town here away from the hustle and bustle of big cities on the coast. But with Halia trying to control the Redbrands not a single prospector seems to trust the Phandalin Miners Exchange and so who do they have to trust?”
“What is this business proposition? If it has to do with harvesting organs I told the last guys  ABSOLUTELY NOT and my position hasnt changed. I hope you guys havent gotten into the organ business, or the slaving business. What is this place coming to?”
“Also, any leads on Gundren and his map? I fear too much time has passed. How long would some goblins keep him alive?”

Forest (Anvil): “No, no, nothing of the kind. We have a much more reputable business in mind. We have a…supplier of various weapons and possibly some goods and equipment.” At which point I will show him a few of the short swords, a couple bows, and extra shield and some longswords. “If you’ll accept Kai vouching for us, and if you have a market for these kinds of items, perhaps an out-of-town buyer? we could regularly stop in and sell or trade these kinds of items with you, if you are agreeable  to it?”

Barthen smiles and seems to put on a show of wholesome innocence: “Boys boys what would the children think? They come in to get a pull of taffy and i have aisle 3 packed full of swords. no better way to shatter any hope these town folk may have left. Barthens provisions wont turn into an armory. If a prospector needs a pick, the woodcarver (rest in peace) needs some tools or somebody needs some weapons for their own protection they would go to the blacksmith and he would give you standard rates.” Barthen looks across the party as if he were judging your intentions and checking his intuition "have you met Edermath yet? "

Forest (Anvil): “Yes, the poor woodcutter. I’m so glad we saved his family. Ya never know what prospector might be want’n to protect ‘imself, specially with all the recent uproar. Ye wouldn’t have to display the dangerous weapons to the lads now would ye. Edermath? Edermath? Is he the apple guy?”
“we have a saying in my tribe: a weapon is just a tool, and a tool is just a weapon”

Barthen: “The woodcutters family was found? i had no idea! Praise Tymora.”
“Yes Edermath he has done some consulting for the Rockseekers and myself on the matter of this lost mine. He is as trustworthy as Gundren or myself. I do all the purchasing and supplies for the Rockseeker brothers and plan to take a larger role in the operations of the mine if we ever get it up. but i try to keep those business efforts separate from the shop here. " He looks across the party again. there is a hint of hopelessness in his eyes and words “any weapons that you can acquire you can store them in Edermaths shed. swing by here and tell me what you have stowed over there and ill pay you for them. Ill occasionally double check the numbers with Edermath but for some reason i trust you guys”

Forest (Anvil): “Excellent, we shall treat you fairly. We’ll visit Edermath and drop off what we have: 13 short swords, 5 bows, 3 longswords, and 3 shields. Have you any market for armor? And if we should come across general supplies, bring them here? Have you any large bags we could trade for? I can carry a lot. We are pursuing Gundren with all possible haste. Finding the location of his possible whereabouts has proved most challenging. But recently we’ve obtained teleportation scrolls, show ’im Holt,” Holt shows him, “that we hope may speed us along.” Any gold we get from selling the weapons I split equally with the party as it is as much theirs as mine.

Barthen: "yes we will take the armor also. ill buy general supplies off of you guys if its something i could put on my shelf, weapons and armor over at the Edermaths place. i have in stock some additional Backpacks (cost: 2 gp, weight: 5 lb. capacity: 1cu.ft & 30lbs) and a bunch of Sacks (cost:1 cp, weight 1/2 lb. capacity: 1cu.ft & 30lbs) "
“I will pay you 5gp for each short sword, 12gp for those bows, 7gp for the longswords, 5gp for the shields. what kind of armor is that you have? where did you get it from?”

Forest (Anvil): “So 161gp.” not sure how many ways to split that? “we currently don’t have any armor to sell, but we will check with our supplier <wink>”

Dan (DM): Yeah how many guys do we have play with us on average? Maybe you just need a party treasurer? All purchases can go through them ? assuming you guys trust each other

Chad (Holt): I will throw the morning star and a sliver dagger into the deal as well, unless someone on the team wants either of those. The dagger gives back half damage as HP

Forest (Anvil): I am inclined to split it four ways, Anvil, Holt, Kai, and Teancum, so 40gp each. Having a treasurer might be a good idea. I give the last 1 gp back to Barthen for a few sacks and he can keep the change.

Kenny (Kai): That Silver dagger might be worth keeping

Forest (Anvil): agreed

Chad (Holt): ok

Dan (DM): lets assume a short rest was had somewhere betwixt the hideout and this dealing with Barthen
7gp for the morning star

Kenny (Kai): short rest at the woodworkers barn?

Chad (Holt): And maybe some Biskets the Wife wips up is gratitude!

Dan (DM): i dont know exactly where. i assume you dropped off the commoners, talked to barthen, dropped gear off at the Edermtahs
Mirna does have soemthing for you. gimme a sec to type it out

Forest (Anvil): Yeah, and we want to check on GlassStaff. Is he still in jail?

Dan (DM): he has been transported to the Lords Alliance HQ in Neverwinter to face his judgment
Zed no longer has the glass staff
wait did Mirna mention her family heirloom hidden in her childhood home in Thundertree?

Chad (Holt): don’t think so

Forest (Anvil): she did not

Dan (DM): Mirna doesnt have a lot to offer you guys. Her husband was killed, her home she has learned has since been looted, they dont really have anything. She does her best to thank you profusely but she is afraid that it just sounds hollow. The best that she can do is describe a family heirloom that she remembers from her childhood….
Though her family has nothing to offer as a reward, Mirna tells the party that she might know where a valuable heirloom is hidden. When she was a young girl, she and her family fled from the town of Thundertree after undead overran the place. Her family had an herb and alchemy shop, inside which a case containing an emerald necklace was hidden beneath a section of storage shelves. She never dared to return and retrieve it. The shop was in the southeast part of Thundertree.

Kenny (Kai): We tell her not to worry about repaying us for saving them. True Hero’s don’t need to be repayed. Thanks for the tip.

Dan (DM): In general the town of phandalin feels very recluse. some homes are boarded up. an occasional body lies lifeless in the street with a red cloak covering their face. less people out and about. in the distance a shed burns seemingly unnoticed. curtains are pulled tight, the sleeping giant seems to be out of business and very few patrons seem to be visiting the stonehill inn

Forest (Anvil): I’m assuming Sildar told us about GlassStaff’s transport, I want to inquire as to whether he was well guarded, we are concerned he might escape.

Chad (Holt): Has Sildar left as well?

Forest (Anvil): Yeah, what’s his take on the state of the town?
Any bodies that are left in the street we will haul to the cemetery for a proper burial as a free service to the community. If any of the bodies are Redbrands we will loot them for coin, weapons and armor.

Chad (Holt): oh sure, look at the giant offering us halflings up for manual labor!
but I guess it is for a good cause

Kenny (Kai): I can bear it.

Chad (Holt): nice one!

Forest (Anvil): I am shamelessly looking for more loot, disguised as a public service.
We can work together, I’ll haul the bodies, and you can loot em.
…once they are in a less conspicuous location

Kenny (Kai): For Shame!

Chad (Holt): how much can we get for red cloaks, seems to be quite a few of those around

Kenny (Kai): I’m guessing a few laughs. We might get some money if we sew them into trendy new red bindles for those leaving town

Dan (DM): supply is definitely starting to exceed demand for red cloaks. torn they might make good cloth for torches, especially considering how greasy the redbrands are

Kenny (Kai): haha good one weird voice in our heads!

Dan (DM): Sildar is very glad to see you. He was able to contact the Lords Alliance via messenger and they arranged for a rapid extraction of Glasstaff to face trial in neverwinter

Kenny (Kai): Great we leave before he asks about the Glass staff.

Dan (DM): they also sent another member of the Lords Alliance to assist Sildar with town security
the elected official is still in office but not willing to hardly even show his face with the way the whole redbrand thing blew up. so sildar is kind of running things.

Chad (Holt): They don’t seem to be to effective, and I suspect it was Sildar that bashed Zed in head and took the staff

Kenny (Kai): Before we leave can we ask Sildar how we can help the town?

Dan (DM): he is able to tell you how Halia tried to take over the Redbrands and it fractured in the process.
he explains how there have been a few bugbears around town shaking people down, killing some, moving quickly by night and working out of the tresendar manor
well sildar doesnt have many hands to work with. he agrees with holt that he is not as effective as he wishes he could be

Kenny (Kai): “So you are saying, that if we take care of some Bugbears…….”

Dan (DM): sildar attempts to confirm the safe whereabouts of the glass staff

Chad (Holt): a bounty maybe?

Kenny (Kai): Is Zed around? I haven’t seen him since we left the hideout?

Dan (DM): he is milling about looking for drinks for sale. its very clear to the party the a large glass staff was not sticking out of his pack back when he was jailed
Zed is not currently with you in this conversation
Sildar: “And the glass staff? you have kept it safe?”

Chad (Holt): side bar, what do we tell Sildar
I vote that we blame it on his lack of control in the town

Kenny (Kai): if we knew what on earth happened to zed that would be helpful.

Forest (Anvil): “You see Zed is a little bit of…how shall we say…a loose canon. He hangs with us sometimes, but other time we don’t know what he’s doing. He seems to have lost it, and we are not happy about that one bit”

Chad (Holt): Lets go with Anvils line

Forest (Anvil): “Zed’s got a weakness for the bottle and sometimes that comes to ill. We have a saying: A weakness for the bottle…sometimes come to ill”

Kenny (Kai): “I blame Tymora.”

Forest (Anvil): “We intend to find that staff since it could be useful to us”
There was an act of god associated with the staff, the god named Dee-Em sorta made the staff suddenly missing, so Sildar could take it up with him.

Chad (Holt): I like it!

Sildar: “I should have turned that staff over to the Lords Alliance. I didnt mention it to them. I sure hope that doesnt come back to bite me. Why do you have your ninja rogue dude carrying the staff? Has he even attuned it yet? Please take better care of it”
side note Kenny if you want to tell me exactly where Kai is and if you want to cast the locate spell to give it a try we could do that. i know you where looking at that one the other day

Kenny (Kai): Yeah lets cast that while I’m at barthens provisions

Dan (DM):
you detect no movement on it

Kenny (Kai): immediately after casting it I run towards the miners trail (the spell lasts one minute) I am trying to gather as much location data as possible.

Dan (DM): Wait so while you are moving in the next minute you can continue to know the direction

Kenny (Kai): I believe the spell last 10 minutes actually 3.5 e was 1 minute.  PHB 256
so I walk to maintain concentration.

Chad (Holt): nice triangulation

Kenny (Kai): I have 10 minutes of it might as well attempt to get as much information as I can.

Dan (DM): as you approach the woodworkers place …

Kenny (Kai): Is it moving?
Do I still have a few minutes left?

Chad (Holt): Looks like it is near the alderleaf farm

Dan (DM): It is not moving

Kenny (Kai): If so i’d like to walk towards harbin Westers  place.

Dan (DM): So I’m in the car now I can’t make more maps
Or type

Chad (Holt): your in the car, you are allowed to drive

Dan (DM): @scott Sildar is wondering if you will stay and hang out with him. He has things he needs to discuss with teancum

Scott (Teancum): I think we should talk then.

Kenny (Kai): lol no worries. Based on my rudimentary mapping skills I imagine it its somewhere around alderleaf farm and and the home north of alderleaf farm. Maybe we start off next round with a minute or so of my spell left and we are approaching the Alderleaf farm coming from Harbin Westers place

Chad (Holt): Lets talk to Sister Graeil ( however you spell her name) get that all taken care off

Kenny (Kai): Lets do that before we do the locate spell then. This timeline is very chopped up…

Dan (DM): It’s done
We can narrate it later
As you approach the farm you see just north of the home at the end of the street Carp playing baseball with some friends

Kenny (Kai): Wait! Baseball exists in this world!? Is there betting on games and stuff?
wow hipchat glitch

Dan (DM): Ya there is a game that is similar to what we call baseball. I like how the first thing you want to do is bet on games

Kenny (Kai): I mean I have magic and can influence the games maybe I could make lots of money!

Chad (Holt): it’s all that gold clinking away in his bag

Kenny (Kai): Do I have lots of gold? (My actual first though is are they swinging the glass staff as the bat and the orb that was on top as the ball?)

Dan (DM): Ya but your not the first person with magic to see sport.

Chad (Holt): speaking of gold, with the 7gp for the morning star, that brought the total to 168/4 for 42gp each

Dan (DM): They are using the glass staff as a bat

Chad (Holt): Hey Carp, where did you get that bat?
spoken as Holt of course

Forest (Anvil): Did we talk to sister graelle about Bo Jackson’s spell book?

Dan (DM): yes we didnt quite narrate it but we said it was done

Forest (Anvil): Did she tell us where cragmaw is? (is that what we were trading with her)

Dan (DM): Yes she helped mark Cragmaw Castle on anvils map

Readbrand Hideout pt 3

5 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Gerald, Holt, Kai, Zed
Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

from the store room / armory inside the Redbrands hideout Kai turns into a newt and investigates the rooms. He finds the Tresendar Crypts, the slave pens, and the hallway leading out. In the slave pens he hears arguing amongst the guards and notices two prisoners, one of them is Zed the other they will learn later is Gerald

when Anvil and Holt charge into the crypts they trigger the animation of 3 skeletons. Anvil continues into the slave pen while Holt fights back the skeletons. Kai as a newt crawls into the chest cavity of a skeleton and transforms into his human form breaking the skeleton apart in the process. Zed finds his thieves tools hidden on his person and successfully picks the lock, slips past a guard (who was just pummeled by Anvil) and retrieves his gear. Holt downs a skeleton, Anvil is attacked, Gerald, who is in a jail cell, grabs guard and pins them against the bars. said guard pleads for help. Zed drives his katana through a guard. Kai and Holt, with inspiration from Gerald efforts, defeat the last skeleton.

The guard that was pinned is questioned, he explains how the bug bears have seized control over most of the hideout and how Halia Thornton is seizing control over the Redbrands. This guard is tied up and being forced to lead the entire party out of the hideout.

audio from the session can be found here: D&D-moreRedbrandHideout.m4a

Slaves 4 Sale

3 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Kai
Flamerule 11, 1486 DR

On the way back to Phandalin under the tree the Hobgoblins we tied up was a lemonade stand selling slaves. The Redbrands manning the stand revealed how their was change in their organization and they were liquidating some of their excess stock. One asked if the party was part of the Black Network and Anvil went along with the rouse. Apparently Halia Thornton is expecting agents from said network and provided teleportation scrolls to facilitate their speedy arrival.

The party beat up Bob, tied him up, stole the teleportation scroll, beat up Clark, tied him up, lit the lemonade stand on fire, lit the hitching post on fire, removed the slaves from the hitching post, freed them, and escorted them back to Phandalin via the teleportation scrolls. The scrolls dropped them into a supply closet / mud room in the Redbrand Hideout. Kai is now levitating

audio from the session can be found here: D&D-Slaves4Sale.m4a

Agatha, we meet again

6 ATTENDEES: Anvil, Holt, Jovis, Kai, Milo, Teancum
Flamerule 10, 1486 DR

the party was jumped by 3 hobgoblins. 2 were killed, 1 interrogated. The hobgoblin claimed to be collecting slaves for the Redbrands. They tied up the dead hobgoblins next to the live one high in a tree over the road.

Holt Milo and Kai barter with Agatha. presenting the comb she injured them and accepted the deal. She told all she knows about the location of Bowgentle’s spell book.

the party took time to identify the magical properties of some of their items before heading back on the 2 day journey to Phandalin.


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