EMX Adventurers

Wave Echo Cave pt 7

6 ATTENDEES Anvil, Eravas, Holt, Kai, Maurice, Teancum
Flamerule 18, 1486 DR

see the comments below for a great recollection by Holt the Warlock.


Good morning team Roc!

As we get up for the morning, we decided it is a good idea to check the jaw bone left in the bag of holding. To our relief, it is still just a jaw bone, and not a flaming skull.

Deciding that it is safe for us to move on for the day, we cautiously enter the cave once more with Kai leading the way while the newly regenerated Sparky scouts ahead. As we enter the cave, we he some rattling sounds and decide to investigate. Sparky peeks into the guard room that we had skipped by earlier and sees a bunch of skeletons preparing for the day (are they really brushing their teeth, does not seem like they would be subject to gum disease!) Holt reports to the rest of the group what has been found, and before anyone can even say let dead bones lie, Anvil kicks down the door.

Well now the fight is on Anvil takes up a defensive position in the door, Maurice lights a fire bomb and hands it to Eravas, who tries to toss it into the room. As he almost drops it at his feet, Holt gives him a point of inspiration to help him out. After getting a good grip on it again, Eravas manages to toss it right into the middle of the skeletons. Realizing that they are under attack, the Skeletons pull bow and swords to attack. Anvil, filling the door takes all of the damage, which seems to be pretty serious, but then he just gives himself a shake, and most of the damage seems to fade away.
Teancum jumps to the defense of Anvil and take a swing at the nearest skeleton with his great sword, cleaving it cleanly in half. Carrying some much momentum with the sword, he continues the swing and hits the next skeleton as well, knocking it to its bony knees.

Holt seeing that Eravas may need a little more protection decides to uses the glass staff to cast Mage armor on Eravas. Cringing as he does this, Wild magic explodes from the crack in the staff as bolts of lightning. He quickly aims these at the skeletons, busting 4 of them to bits.
Not wanting to be left out Kai, seeing one lonely skeleton left, attacks, and busts the last stand heap of bones into a pile of dust!

Continuing into the cave, we retrace the places we have been and notice that not much has changed, other than some bones that have had the flesh picked off them. We decide to continue into the Starry chamber to investigate the work shop. There we find a Spectator, who warns us that is has been set there to protect the forge of spells, and tells us to leave. For once Anvil decides not to attack and the group retreats. After some discussion, the group decides that we should warn the Spectator of the Black Spider, and see if we can enlist him in helping us to destroy the Black Spider.

Holt meekly enters the work shop and addresses the Spectator, and informs him that the Black Spider may be in the caves, and that he wants to take over the forge. He also tells the spectator that we are trying to defect the Black Spider, and asks if he would like to help us out. All the while Holt is wondering why he is doing such a foolish thing, must have been that lightning from the wild magic, affecting his judgement!

Wave Echo Cave pt 7
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