EMX Adventurers

Wave Echo Cave pt 1

7 ATTENDEES Anvil, Eravas, Gerald, Holt, Kai, Maurice, Teancum

Flamerule 16, 1486 DR travel with Gundren and Barthen to Wave Echo Cave. camp over night

Flamerule 17, 1486 DR

(You enter Wave Echo cave with Gundren seeking the Forge of Spells and wary of the presence of the Black Spider. Submit your recollection of this even for a point of Inspiration)

Inspiration goes to Kai for these haikus

The Stupid Stirges,
They suck blood and squish real nice.
Kill all the stirges!


In large cave stirges swarm.
They to us tried to cause harm,
We annihilated them.


danlangford danlangford

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