EMX Adventurers

3 ATTENDEES Anvil, Gerald, Teancum

Flamerule 15, 1486 DR

The band of raiding hobgoblins is troublesome to both Anvil and Teancum. They wonder about the elves that got raided, and what they can do to help. They know hobgoblins are evil by nature and they want to go and investigate and possible knock some monster heads.

Because it was estimated that there was about 90 hobgoblins, a veritable army, the rest of the party did not want to go and stir up any trouble with them. But Anvil and Teancum cannot rest easy until they at least go and check it out to see if they can possibly vindicate the elves and remove some of the foul creatures.

They deliberate their plan carefully trying to decide if they should lure the monsters to an ambush location, or try and stealth into their camp. They finally settle on sneaking in the back door of the castle to see what the situation is, and trying to establish a choke point to eliminate as many enemies as possible. They plan to use the griffon and additional firepower, and a teleportation scroll as a means of escape. They also ask Maurice if they can borrow a couple of Dwarven ale Molotov cocktales. Kai also very generously gives them as many goodberries as he can conjure with his remaining spells for the day. They also plan to utilize Anvil’s reboot ring trading it back and forth as needed to keep their abilities fresh. Gerald decides to join them.

They sneak up to the hobgoblin camp and discover two factions warring against one another for the right of chieftenship. They also notice a large elven crate sitting near the front steps of the castle. Seeing no easy way to engage the monsters one or two at a time they decide to sneak to the back of the castle. There they find a skirmish between the two factions right in front of the Castle Cragmaw’s back door. They decide to attack and are almost immediately incapacitated by hold person spells from some spellcaster hobgoblins. They must have seen the party coming a mile off.

Suddenly one of the faction leaders shows up and invokes a warlord challenge event. This pits the faction leaders and two guards against the small party, Anvil, Teancum, and Gerald, and whoever wins is the new chief. The PCs are brought to the ring and the battle ensues. The army gathers round and participates by chaotically shooting arrows at the participants. Finally one of the faction leaders is killed, and a green dragon arrives breathing it’s acid cloud on everyone. This kills a lot more monsters and Gerald. Anvil administers a potion to him, and he grabs the metallic object out of the crate (since he’s an elf he knows where the handle is). And the party uses the teleportation scrolls to leave.

They arrive in Phandalen a day ahead of the rest of the party.


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